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ACOI Info • March 2022

Getting Heart Healthy

Dr. Laura Rosch discusses heart care and lifestyle choices for physicians

On the ACOI’s podcast series, Docs off the Clock, Laura Rosch, DO, FACOI, CS, MPH, shares thoughts and tips on the importance of heart health and how busy physicians can make smart lifestyle choices. While Dr. Rosch believes that it is easy for physicians

Too many times, signs of a heart attack in women are mistaken for menopause symptoms. She shares a story about a friend who experienced a major coronary event and how women present with symptoms that are sometimes atypical and can be easily missed. Tune into this latest podcast as Dr. Rosch shares her wellness tips and the five things that can make the biggest impact toward good health for busy physicians.

What is Docs off the Clock?

Discover the ACOI’s podcast series where our members and other experts share their knowledge on a variety of topics relevant for physicians today. Made for busy doctors who may only have a few minutes to listen in the car, on a jog, or even on a lunch break between patients, each podcast episode is designed to enrich members with information especially for them. Spend a few minutes with Docs off the Clock and get some quick tips from our guests who share their thoughts on subjects like practice management, physician wellness, specialty medicine geared toward internists, updates on the COVID-19 pandemic, CME attainment, and more. It will soon become your favorite podcast!

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to sometimes ignore their own health as they focus on their patients, she is also encouraged. She says that recent studies have revealed positive trends in physician health. Data has found that compared to the general public, physicians and medical students are less likely to smoke, drink, or take risks that could adversely affect their health, which is crucial in providing the best patient care. In her observations she has found that a physician’s own health practice strongly influences their patients’ health practices. “If physicians smoke,” she says, “they’re not going to talk to their patients about smoking because this is what they do. So, promoting your own healthy lifestyle really leads to significant influence on your patient’s health habits.” During the podcast, she discusses the prevalence of heart disease in women as the National Institutes of Health reports that it is the number one cause of death in women in the U.S.


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